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Fee Structure

Fee Structure


(IK-I to Grade- IX)
Prospectus and Registration Rs.1000/-
1. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)
(One-time Fee)
Rs. 40,000/-
2. ICT Fee (Non Refundable)
(At the time Of Admission and every Year)
Rs. 4000/-
3. Annual Fee (Non Refundable)
(2nd year of Admission)
Rs. 6,000 /-
4 Tuition Fee Quarterly to be paid in Four terms (Non-Refundable):
Grade IK1 – IK3 Rs. 6,000 (2,000 per month)
Grade I – V Rs. 7,500 (2,500 per month)
Grade VI – X Rs. 8,700 (2,900 per month)
5 Transportation fee (Non-Refundable):
0 to 5 Kms Rs. 1,550
6 to 10 Kms Rs. 1,750
10 Kms plus Rs. 1,950

Payment Terms & Conditions for Day Scholars:

  1. Amount under category A, B, C,D, E is to be paid after selection of student.
  2. Amount under category B is to be paid at the time of admission once in year; and, every year at the start of new session.
  3. Amount under category C is to be paid once in a year from the 2nd year of enrollment.
  4. Payment can be made in Cheque /Demand Draft favoring ‘Edify School Patna’ payable at Patna.

Account Name: Edify School Patna

Account Number: < 4057002100009149>

IFSC: PUNB0405700

  1. Other items like Uniforms, Shoes, Socks, Identity card, Books, Stationery and other utility items have to be paid extra.
  2. Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.
  3. (a)QUARTERLY MODE: Last date for payments of fees: I term – 10th April 2020, II term – 10th July 2020, III term -10th October 2020, IVth Term - 10th January 2021 of the academic year.


(c) 5% addition discount on “Tuition Fees” if yearly payment is done at the beginning of a new session.

  1. If there is a withdrawal of a student from the school in the middle of the term, the tuition fee for the entire year has to be paid to procure the TC.
  2. In general, minimum yearly increase of 10 percent in the fee may be expected. No service tax is included in the above fees.  In case there is any introduction of such tax by the government, we will inform the parents regarding the prescribed increase.        

For further information, please call the Admission Co-ordinator on   +91 9771491510/11,