Mr-Gulab-Ramchandani | World School in Patna| Kids Play Boarding School in Patna

Mr. Gulab Ramchandani

Education Facility Planner, DRSIS Member
Council of Education Facility Planners, USA

What a delight to visit a cheerful bustling School that I helped create. With such a receptive management I wish you good Success in the future.

Every new school advertised these days is full of laudatory statements and promises. In my opinion, a school is good if it emanates a cheerful happy atmosphere, which is reflected in the exuberance of its students. This is possible only if their teachers show care, concern and love. Five minutes in a classroom can tell you this and DRS International School proves it. If the school also possesses the infrastructure and facilities to make the educational experience a pleasure, what more can one ask for. DRS is striving to leave no stone unturned in this direction to succeed in making the school an Institution of Excellence. The boldness to break new ground and to innovate is another challenge we have accepted at DRS. IN keeping with this school offers IEA system of monthly student assessment, no corporal punishment, the introduction of the Primary Years Programme leading to the International Baccalaureate, student and teacher exchanges with schools abroad, planned adventure, cultural and community service activities and so on. I commend this school to you as a ‘school with a difference'.